Thursday, 3 September 2009

With My Spoon in the Tiramisu

Okay, so I know that I shouldn't use food to relieve stress/ boredom/ treat myself but I've just had the most heavy, laden down with work few days.

I have a full time job at a peacebuilding/ conflict resolution charity and when I'm not at work, I do work for two other human rights organisations for which everyone involved works for free. In around this, I try to go to the gym/ take singing lessons/ spend time with friends/ speak to and visit my family.

I returned from my bank holiday weekend on Monday night at 9.30pm into London, after having spent the whole train journey working on one thing after another. After I returned home and unpacked, I had a skype conversation with the director of one of the human rights organisations for which I work for free. We have a project proposal for funding due in on Monday and I was asked to work on a draft. We spoke about the project until about 2am.

I woke up at 7am on Tuesday morning so I could get into work early. A full day of work later (and work is mental at the moment - like all charities we're overworked and understaffed. We've got so much going on at the moment!), I had an evening meeting for the other human rights organisation for which I work for free. I returned home at 10pm (having spoken with my parents on the bus home) and started work on the proposal for the other organisation. Going to bed last night at 3am and woke up at 7am today.

7am start this morning was followed by going early to work, being at my desk or in my manager's office the whole day (apart from a 10 minute fire alarm at 3pm during which time I managed to grab some lunch - while standing outside with my colleagues and getting our names ticked off the list). I then had a 7pm meeting for the other human rights organisation to continue planning a conference we're organising in October. The meeting finished at 10pm and it was 11pm by the time I got home (having spoken with my parents on the train). Two minute chat with my housemate and then straight to computer.

I've now finished by proposal - yey! Let's just wait and see the comments and changes that need to be made. I predict that there's still a lot more that I'll be asked to do before the Monday deadline!

However, in the meantime, although I got given dinner at the meeting, after returning home, I've eaten two bagels with cheese and just now, I've finished off a gu chocolate and mascarpone tiramisu. The worst is that as soon as I placed the first spoonful in my mouth, I remembered that I don't actually like cofee!

I'm really going to try to go to the gym tomorrow after work. I have someone coming over to my place to induct me into the mysterious ways of our organisational website (this is the organisation for which I was doing the proposal). I really hope that, between the website training and any changes that I need to make, I won't get stuck at home working instead of at the gym running!

Oh dear.... Random eating and no time spent at the gym. Why do I predict that the weighing machine will not be kind come this Sunday?

Please don't take this as a complaining blog post. I love my life and I find great passion and meaning in what I do, which is why I work for two organisations voluntarily in addition to my job and why I've been working 17 hour days for the past 3 days.

2.30am bed time beckons...

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Lonely said...

You are doing amazingly, a full time job plus two volunteer jobs! You made me feel exhausted just reading your post.
But you have to make some time for you, to look after you, maybe the gym, or just some relaxation time or you could burn out.