Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Curious Thing

I can run for miles (can't believe I can type that - how amazing!) or bike for hours but it's only if I do one of the classes at my gym. I remember a few months ago going along to the classes and feeling they weren't intense enough and making the decision that I should choose running on the treadmill/ going on the crosstrainer/ cycling to spending time in class as this would give me more for my time.

It's weird that it's completely the other way around. I'm not saying that I sail through my workout these days but it's definitely easier and I don't have the same sense of whole body ache that I've had for the past three days. It was a complete fluke that prompted me to join the Body Balance class on Sunday but it was so good that I followed it up with pilates and aerobic kickboxing yesterday and the new body class today. Kickboxing and New Body were both working with weights and I can tell in my upper arms but the rest of my body is also a bit sore. So far, I feel it just after class and it's gone by morning.

I think you can become too used to a certain time of exercise. I'm going to try and mix it up from now on and do sessions of the treadmill/ crosstrainer and weights, the stretching classes, the weights classes and the cardio classes.

Today, I ate a bowl of fruit and blackberry, blueberry, plum and grape smoothie for breakfast. leftovers from yesterday's dinner for lunch and salad with a little pasta, spinach, rocket, red cabbage, sundried tomatoes, apple and sugar snap peas for dinner. Snacks were satsumas, an apple and of course, cheese. I seem to be really craving cheese at the moment - difficult to resist! Do you think my body is demanding that I feed it more fat?!

So far, I've been to the gym three times this week - woohoo! I'm going to try to go Friday evening and/ or Saturday morning. I know, I should have better plans for Friday night than going to the gym but I have an action-packed weekend ahead of me and I need some time to do some work and applications that I want to do.

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