Tuesday, 8 September 2009


So, I decided to forego my usual crosstrainer, treadmill and weights routine at the gym today for some classes. This is following on from yesterday's gym session where I did Body Balance followed by crosstrainer, treadmill (4.2 miles baby!) and weights. I started off with pilates with the aim of then hitting my gym routine only for the trainer on reception to start trying persuade me to do their aerobic kickboxing class that was due to start in 10 minutes. I thought - running or kickboxing? Kickboxing won.

I made sure to stretch out afterwards but I'm now a little sore. It was the same yesterday although I was fine today (hopefully I'll be okay tomorrow as well). I think it's the reaction to the Body Balance/ pilates. It's so strange: I can spend 1/2 hour on the crosstrainer/ 45 mins on the bike/ 40 mins on the treadmill really caning it followed by some weights and it's all good but give me an hour of stretching and I really feel it. I think my body has become used to the machines at the gym. From now on, I'm going to also try to work on stretching as well.

Food was good today. Fruit smoothie and fruit salad for breakfast. Lunch was the cracked wheat with onion, parsnip, courgette, tomato, sugar snap peas and swede I made yesterday. I was so hungry in the afternoon even after 3 satsumas so I had another blueberry, apple, grape and plum smoothie. Dinner post gym was cracked wheat with parsnip, onion, courgette, sugar snap peas, tofu (mmm...), tomatoes, swede, onion, spinach and sundried tomatoes - basically lunch but added vegetables. I had a bit of cheese afterwards as well.

I think today was a truly healthy day - fruit, vegetables, protein, carbs, some fat too I'm sure, crazy kickboxing aerobics and pilates. I just need to keep it up...

My body is going to be amazing if this losing weight thing ever finishes!

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