Sunday, 13 September 2009


I worked Proms in the Park tonight waitressing which meant me essentially wandering around Hyde Park in the glorious sunshine chatting to people and getting and filling their order. For 7 hours. Nonstop. Not having done any in about 5 years, I'd forgotten the hard work waitressing can be - the stress of trying not to spill pints as you take them over the worst part for me! Anyway, it was lots of fun but my legs are not exhausted. On top of 7 hours of walking continuously and carrying heavy trays, I'd also just spent the 45 mins before that walking briskly to Hyde Park.

So, no gym today but instead, about 6 hours of walking instead. Unfortunately I partially cancelled that out by eating a portion of chips (you think there was anything else at the festival that was vegetarian) and a Mediterranean pasta salad. I've also had a cheese bagel and a cereal bar at home. The above, added to the delicious blackberry, blueberry, melon, peach and red grape smoothie I had in the morning, makes up my food for the day.

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