Friday, 24 December 2010

Day 418

My last blog post was 1st Nov 2009 - 418 days ago (if my maths is right). Sadly, I weigh more than a stone more than I did then. I'm now (unhappily) cruising in the mid 90s. Again. How do I let this happen to me - time after time and time again? I wish I'd just kept at it. I got down to 84kg by Feb 2010 and then over the past 9 months have bounced back up again. If I'd lost how much I've put on, I would be under 80kg - a weight I've not seen since I was 18.


From my post of 30th Oct 2009:

When it's easy, it's so easy but when it's difficult, it's so hard - and it's the slightest thing that changes the routine from one to the other. How can you tell I've made the switch from one to the other? When I start/ stop blogging about it.
I use this blog to stay on track but when I need it the most, I stay away.

See, I know these things but that doesn't stop me from not doing what I know I need to do.

I'm now back on the blog, which hopefully means I'm back on track. They stay with smothing that the key is to not stop quitting, no longer how long it takes.

Another year, another try.

Stop. Reboot. Start again.