Sunday, 13 September 2009

Week #4

Week: Sunday 6th September - Saturday 12th September

1. Walk for 1/2 an hour three times a week. Most definitely yes
2. Gym 4 times a week. Yes!
3. Three alcoholic drinks a week max. One glass of white wine on Sat night
4. 7 hours sleep a night. Most nights save one but caught up on sleep yesterday morning
5. Fruit for breakfast and at least one salad. Yes
6. Drink milk or have some yoghurt every day Probably 6/7
7. Blog every day. Yes

5/7. Okay, I'm getting back into the swing of things after my shocking week the week before

Weight = 87.9kg - all that work and only 200g. I'm sure my last Sunday reading wasn't accurate (I was expecting it to go up not down!) so I've probably lost more than that this week. Let's just see what happens this coming week.

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