Thursday, 17 September 2009

Thursday = Another Kind of Progress Check

Sunday is my weigh in day to see whether I've lost weight. Thursday is my wearing trousers day to see whether I've lost fat/ flab.

I wore my grey formal trousers today and, I have to tell you, the flab overspill was minimal to say the least; the kind that you would have on normal fitting trousers plus later on in the day, I was able to run a finger around the inside. My back fat (you know the bit you can squeeze in the space between your waist and the band of your bra has now almost completely gone on the left side and getting there on the right side.

I wore my favourite trousers ever yesterday. They're orangey gold with more golden orange stripes running horizontally across - I know they sounds completely hideous but they're very funky in a 1970s way and I absolutely love them. They've been getting looser and looser over the months, to the extent that I can't wear them with a normal length top anymore as they have moved from being around my waist to being around my hips. Well, yesterday I found out that I can no longer wear and walk in them at all without having to hike them up every minute or so. I also pulled them away from my waist and could not believe the amount of space between the trousers and my skin. Did I really used to fill all that space once upon a time? This is brilliant - especially as I can just wear them with a belt from now on and not have to worry that they're around by my ankles.

My double chin is still there but there's just a lot less of it now. Day before yesterday, one of my colleagues asked me if I'd lost weight. I've had friends and family ask me lots of times before - some of them every time they see me for the first time after a couple of weeks - but this was the first time someone at work had noticed. If people whom you see every day think you've lost weight, it means you really have.

It's strange though. When I think of the weight I've lost so far and the places I think I've lost it, I think my back, a bit from my thighs and arms, from my breasts (but not too much, thankfully!), but mostly from my waist and hips. However everyone else notices the face. I can't say that I think I've lost any weight from my face. Yes, my chin(s) are a lot less nowadays but everyone else points to the sides of my face and I don't really see much weight loss from my cheeks.

I have noticed that the okay pictures of me that are taken are, for the first time in a couple of years, outnumbering the bad though. I always thought the bad photos were just the way the light was falling or catching me at a bad time. As I've lost weight though, I've realised that I looked fat in most photos because I actually was fat. It's good to be getting back to a more 'normal' size again and not posing in dread for friends with cameras anymore.

So, in summary, although I've not been losing much weight on the scales the last couple of weeks, the fat is disappearing from various parts of my body week on week. With that in mind, let's not get too hung up on the numbers.

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