Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Falling Asleep...

I had a 7pm meeting tonight, arrived home, talked briefly to my housemates about house matters (i.e. having to hassle our landlord to fix things), checked email and did some research that had just come up. I'm completely shattered and can't blog coherently:

  • Lots of fruit and vegetables today - for breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • The person who was hosting the meeting in the evening had ordered pizzas. I had two small slices plus lots of grapes
  • I was still hungry so I stopped off at a Turkish bakery that was still open and bought 2 pieces of potato and spinach filled bread - only finished about 2/3 though
  • I've just finished a Cadbury's fruit and nut chocolate bar - 240 calories of bliss..
  • Still within my calorie limit for the day (just)
  • I meant to eat a quick lunch and go for a walk but I ended up being so caught up in work that I didn't take a break until almost 3pm and really, at that time, who can really take a whole hour without completely taking the piss? It would be almost time to go home by the time I came back from my walk.
Time for bed. Sweet dreams!

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