Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Home and Onwards

I'm back in London after one month away and it is weird to be back at work, in my house and on my bed. I was planning on heading to the gym after work today but a combination of 3 hours of sleep on the flight to London and a 7 hour day at work meant that I was just way too knackered.
Instead I went shopping and for £20.82 I bought:
- a bag of apples
- a bag of pears
- 2 boxes of raspberries
- 1 box of blueberries
- 4 fairtrade bananas
- 1 bag of satsumas
- 500g potatoes
- 1 red pepper
- 4 courgettes
- 1 box of tomatoes
- 1 pots of tomato and basil soup
- 2 pots of spinach and nutmeg soup
- 1 pot of yoghurt

I had some soup and bread tonight for dinner but I cannot wait to eat tomorrow. Fruit, I've missed you so much!

I want to start back on my routine of fruit for breakfast, soup or salad for lunch, fruit for snacks and then a cooked dinner. I suspect that I've got this the wrong way around and I should be having the filling meal at lunchtime and the soup/ salad for dinner - but that would involve cooking lunch the night before.

I've torn whether or not to go to the gym tomorrow before work. I really want to start exercising after a whole month away and I'm worried that my meetings will finish too late for me to be able to get proper gym time but I'm sooooo tired.

I'm just impatient to start this already - I want to go on an 8 week exercise and food plan. Why 8 weeks? It's my birthday in a couple of months time and I really, really want to be able to, on that day, get on the weighing machine and see exactly what I would have seen 10 years ago. I started losing weight the autumn after my 16th birthday and I was so close to 'normal' weight before Christmas hit and I decided to 'take a break.' 84kg is quite a symbolic weight for me, in addition to which, it is also across the threshold into overweightdom and away from obesity.

I'm not quite sure whether it's possible but I'm most definitely going to try...

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