Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Day Two Tick

Day two of my 8 week plan to get down to my weight of 10 years ago has gone quite well. I feel like I'm slowly easing back into my healthy living routine after a month of just being able to eat whatever was available.

For breakfast I had the following:
- 100g blueberries
- 100g raspberries
- 1 banana
- 1 apple
- 1 pear
all chopped up into a big bowl of fruit. Mmmm.....

For lunch I heated up some soup in the microwave - 186 calories, thank you very much. I then resisted the alcohol temptation in the pub after work in favour of tomato juice but succumbed to the can't be arsed to cook so will stop by the bakery for dinner. At least I managed to rein it in for just one cheese bagel - yum!

And my gym dilemma of yesterday was resolved after I realised I had a doctor's appointment this morning before work and couldn't fit the gym in as well. I didn't end up going after work either - my meeting finished at 8.30pm after which I went for a quick 45 minutes to the pub and then onto home.

I have spent the past 30 minutes making my dinner for tomorrow though. The plan is to have fruit again for breakie, chop up some vegetables for a salad lunch and then eat my cooked dinner in between the work event tomorrow and meeting up with my friends afterwards - thereby being healthy and saving money!

Will I make it to the gym tomorrow before work? I feel that the 6.30am starts are a trifle doomed given my general state of sleep deprivation. I had 7 hours last night which gives me an average of 4.5 hours since the weekend. How do other people manage to get early nights?!

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