Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 Goals and Plans

Not really resolutions but more of a roadmap of what I want to do and be this year.


  • explore the country and the continent
  • find out and do all there is to do in the city in which I live
  • scuba dive at least once


  • join the dance studio down the road from my house and start dance classes
  • find classes and learn a martial art
  • start running again - goal is 10km
  • start swimming again - goal is 1 mile
  • cook nutritious meals and eat healthily
  • start the morning with yoga and core exercises


  • complete most of my MSc (only 1 module and the dissertation will be left for 2015!)
  • meditate regularly
  • learn Hausa (one of the languages of the country in which I live)
  • maintain and form relationships
  • continue writing
  • remain involved in activism (somehow)

  • take driving lessons and learn to drive
  • figure out my next step after my work contract runs out in November 2014
  • continue to save money
Most of all, I want to break free of the work rut in which I found myself in 2013. 

I love my job but it needs to be just one part of my life, not the whole extent of what I do. In 2014, I will become better at saying no and will stop stepping in (quite so much) to cover for my colleagues. 

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