Sunday, 21 December 2008

On and off the wagon

So, I was doing wonderfully, swimmingly well. I had stuck to my plans of action: was eating (just enough) food that was both healthy and delicious and taking long walks around London. I lost 5lb or over 2kg in less than a week - and this was on not much conscious exercise.

And then, I went on holiday. A week of that saw the reversal of the weight loss. I probably weigh now what I weighed right at the start of December. It's my own fault. I just can't resist all you can eat breakfast buffets! My only consolation is that, although I may have eaten a lot of food, it was all very healthy food - lots of salads, fruit and various Middle Eastern dips.

So now, to start all over again.

Except that it's Christmas and I'm going home in a couple of days' time to my mum's scrumptious food (so much better than my own pathetic efforts!). I do want to take full advantage of each and every opportunity to have proper food. I'm very tempted to say that I'll write off the next 10 days and start in earnest in the New Year. However, apart from the fact that aiming to lose weight in January is such a cliche (!), if I do unlimited eating with no exercise until 1st January, how much weight am I going to gain and how disgusting will I feel? Plus, I lost weight before when I was living at home - mind you, then home cooking wasn't such a temptation!

I'm going to have to just suck it up and restrain myself as much as possible. The trick (or so I hear) is to be satisfied with small quantities of delicious food rather than feeling you have to scoff the whole lot in one. Bit hard though...

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